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Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up…

Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up…                                                                                                                                                                                 – Pablo Picasso

 You get soo busy playing hide n seek, baking parle g games while playing ghar ghar, rolling on the sand, that one day you wonder how time rolled by. Soon you are left with decisions you have to make for your career.
 The art within you is questioned to be able to earn an ample amount for living.

Very few are blessed with hands on their back for art and the rest give up everything and are forced to run behind their supergoals that would yield them huge money, but no satisfaction.

The art within you will mentor you throughout. Though the road it will show, will be less travelled by, but will give you your true identity and meaning to life..

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As a child, we were always pampered to laugh, smile and gleam with a happy glow. The shriek of joy of a child, always lightened up the air around . We were seen as the stars of the family , the stars of the future world. Learning , growing , evolving ,  we had innumerable dreams for our life . One day we see a dancer and decide that we want to be dancer ahead. Next day we hear about Kalpana Chawla and decide that we want to be a heroic astronaut . Soon we discover our love for music or art or poetry and decide to be an artist instead . Hmm. Such innocent dreams of juvenility . Even though the platform kept on changing, there’s one thing common in all these dreams – A passion . A happy heart. And a sparkle in your eyes while you think about it . We used to see ourselves doing something we love , and link our future to  it .  It was always about doing something in our life because we want to , rather than because we have to .

Whatever happens to these dreams nowadays? Do they really come even half as true ? Why are those sparkling eyes which saw wishful dreams of vibrant colours , now forced to look upon a desk in some corner of an office everyday ?!

Let me tell you . Soon enough technology , infrastructure, intelligence, discovery , science , etc.etc. envelops our world with their glory and here’s where the race starts . The race .The race to excel, not be excellent . The race to score points , not knowledge . The race to earn materialism , not a living . The race to growing old, not growing up .

If you don’t believe me , ask yourself- If we are better off in this fast paced mad rush world, with all the ‘development’ and stuff,  then why was the standard of living, the happy stress-free atmosphere , the clean green world, etc.etc. seen only by our ancestors when all of this was not there? Why were our ancestors living a rich life , even without all the novel innovations and upgradations , and we living a poor life (comparatively) despite having everything we could ask for? Why do we see a strong cheerful aura and an uplifting smile in our grandparent’s eyes naturally , while we have to remind ourselves how to smile everyday ?

Because there’s one difference between our mentality these days and the mentality that lived in the traditional times. Earlier people took things easily . They knew the meaning of the words, ‘health-is-wealth’ . And they knew how to keep themselves healthy , happy and successful . And hence their richness in lifestyle .

But in the past few years, we have entered an era of the mind . And only mind . No feelings, no emotions, no positive outlooks, no good health and honestly, no good wealth also .

Nowadays, if you try and question the ethics being disregarded in a commercial world, there comes the dialogue , “ It’s just business.. no place for emotions!! ” I pity those people who are living in these false myths. If development is so called increasing , why are we seeing the quality of life decreasing ? We might have reached the moon , but is it really solving the purpose ?  I doubt. We think we have become very ‘modern’ . But at what cost ?

There’s more to business than just give and take !! The sad truth is that nowadays, it’s more of a take , and less of a give thing. On the name of providing services , businesses are actually only minting money. It’s one thing to say that you are providing something worthwhile to the world, and one thing to actually witness it . Would you still say that business is just plain business and nothing else ?

My uncle once had an interview with the Kingfisher owner, Vijay Mallya , and was stunned to hear that even after being a multimillionaire business tycoon , he calls himself the most unhappy man in the world. Unbelievable?

We could view it as something like this – there are two people. One man is a simple artisan , living life on his own terms, chirping around selling paintings and spreading laughter in a park while making a living . And there is another man, slogging , working hard day and night, forgetting the world,family,friends behind and leaving everything aside, while making stingingly huge money everyday.  Whom do you think has a better and truly richer life ? Answer lies within .

Doing a little thing, but doing it with your heart, is anyday more productive than doing a way bigger business handling 100 brands , while one can barely handle himself and his stress life .

My father amusingly says how, even after getting admitted in an IIT institute during college (which was like a dream come true those days ) , he somehow took the life boggling risk to leave the campus , because he realized he didn’t see himself doing this for his future . He realized that when you’re at something , either do it passionately , and with all your heart, or not do it at all.  I have been taught to respect myself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t truly make me feel alive. And I resepct my father for this . He realized the true meaning of living .

When will those days come when aspiring minds, while thinking of a business plan , think of something that increases the richness of a nation by building happiness, success, peace and glory, than thinking of what makes the most money and gets him profits ? Instead of analyzing what could increase the  economy and finances , when will people start doing business that rather increases the productivity , an optimistic air around and actually make people’s lives better? There are companies that serve to make lives better , spreading joy, healing , contentment , laughter , etc. , and I’d say these are the ones doing real business, since it is actually increasing the charm of a nation , witnessing happier people with a better quality of life!! Rather than a company merely exchanging goods and services blindly in the name of commerce.

In doing something that makes you happy and also spreading happiness , technically too, investment is lesser and returns are way more!! Makes sense, isn’t it?

Its high time people realize the true way of working of the world than assuming myths about today’s commercial driven and money minded world.

It’s funny and ironic how people work so hard to live happily, and in the process , sacrifice all that makes them happy! We should vision a world where we follow our heart, not the crowd. Because that’s where we can find the true essence of living.

The Lie We Live – a video of truth.


Spark. Attraction . That magical & passionate air of pink heaven . Those wishing stars. That smiling at yourself idiotically. Butterflies . Ouch . The silly uncontrollable blushing and flush of heat on your cheeks . The overcharged tingling hearts. The chemistry , oozing . The electricity and fireworks under the lining of your chest. the dreams ..the wishful thinking.. and sinful romantic thoughts… the jump of ecstasy behind every ping from your mobile .. the sudden love for fairytales and soft music. The stalking -and- ending- up –in – their -sister’s- boyfriend’s -neice’s- cousin’s- son’s- page . Oh damn . The irresistible temptations to text .The hiding . The seeking . the stealing side glances .. the dilated eyelids . Those moist lips . That electrifying feel they give you…

Oh the list is endless , really .

Call it a crush, an infatuation, a soft corner for someone , a charm, a connection , a feeling , crazy- stupid- love, or any of those sugary chocolaty coated expressions. Sounds ineffable , doesn’t it?! I swear it is .

“ He fell in love with her. Not because she gave him feelings, but because she gave him feelings he never thought he needed ” .

According to me , love is a paradox .It’s the most simple thing to do , and at the same time ,the hardest . It is literally the easiest and toughest test of life .

It’s like , you either ‘love’ them , madly, or you Don’t . No questions asked. No complains, no demands , no excuses . Simple as that . It is the baby kind of love . That’s why it is called something like ‘un-conditional’ love . Sounds familiar? It would be so easy to actually love and keep loving , if people knew this , isn’t it?

But ironically it is also the most toughest thing to do . Because only a free pure heart would be able to accept another heart so purely . Why don’t we see such mentality in love these days ? People love astral drama and like adding it to their love life quite conveniently . In the name of ‘love’ they are actually only consoling themselves and ruining the word . If only people knew the meaning of true clean love and did only ‘love’.. Not stack it up with their own by products of emotions . For example , If you love someone but constantly try to change them , you’re not doing ‘love’ . If you love someone but suppress your emotions , you’re not doing ‘love’. If you love someone and get insecure time and again, you’re not doing ‘love’ . If you love someone and constantly worry about their whereabouts , I’m sorry but you’re not doing ‘love’ . Love is pure and simple . No drama required . You cannot say, I love them ,that’s why I am crying for them .. Love is the most positive feeling , so how can it cause not-so-positive things in life ? It’s because people don’t really realize the divinity of it . So Whom to blame? People have made love a myth . As if it is a duty .

When you love someone , you care about them . Not worry. You heal them , not fret about what they’re going through . You help them , not shout at them for mistakes . You improve their life , not try to change them . You express your feelings, not suppress them in a dark bottle inside your heart. When you love someone , you see them as a catalyst to cherish your life , not as a blockage to it . Because from where I see it , love is something that makes you fly higher, not further down. Worth a thought .

Even in the movie, Alice in Wonderland , Alice asks ,how long is forever ? and the white rabbit replies,sometimes just a second…. However esoteric and deep this sentence actually means, people have sort of taken it quite literally! Yeah seriously. Their ‘forever’ love is generally as long as a second….. one moment they are exchanging sugar coated words, dipped in cheese …. and next moment they remember something of the past, and there goes their cheesiness in the oven .

But let me tell you, you never stop loving somebody.. You either never did, or you always will .

So why do people fail in love ? Answer lies within . Because obviously , they didn’t know the real definition ,hence they fail the test .

If someone asks me , what are the ingredients of love , I’d say, the moment you try and put any ingredients to it , you start reversing the process of getting the broth. When there’s actual love , there’s only uncontaminated pure love . It is scientifically proven that the energy of love is so potent , that it is enough to break any walls, and give a person ‘life’ . Even the first organ that is formed of a fetus is the heart. The love centre . That love will make you feel so alive, you won’t need anything else . It will be just about everything .

Love is like a drug . It is pure only without the toxins . If you add toxins like anger, stress, confusion ,jealousy, greed, it ,naturally it won’t be pure , right?

It is everywhere , but still rare .


To teach us this phenomena, there are some people who cross our lives and we just know it’s something . Something different . Something special . What surprises me is , amidst millions and millions of souls, how is it that we feel that sense of connection only with a chosen few? Why a certain few only keep crossing our paths and giving us feelings? To test yourself, ask yourself why do you love them ? Do you love them because they are ‘so caring ’ ? ..Well there are many people out there who are caring…. Do you love all of them ? One guy sees a girl and falls in love at first sight. There are so many sexy girls out there, why isn’t he in love with all of them ? Because there is just something about these souls. It’s a soul connect , a feel .

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear so immediately that the two of you, on some level, belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work , whether you’re in love or just creating things together or partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel complete . I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.”

It’s a soul thing. That’s why no matter how much you try, you will still end up with them and feel something that no one else can make you feel.. This is Soulmate love . The forever kind of love .

So Fall in love , not fail in it . Trust me,it’s worth it .

“ You meet millions of people and none of them have a any difference on you, and then you meet One person and your life is changed forever .”

“ And someday , someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else”.

If you ask different people what love means,you’ll get varied answers… some would say it’s like a dreamy fairytale lovestory, for some it’s a feeling of exhilaration,sometimes it is an understanding beyond words, some would say it is how someone can just kiss away your scars and make love to your soul .. and for some,it’s like a thousand roses have blossomed in your heart. I do not know the real definition of love.. but I’m glad I have mine .

They felt it . They felt it all. They struck a chord.There was a rush . A chemistry. A marvelous maddening feel . They completed each other. And somewhere they knew it.. when they touched-with just a look .

 Because there are some truths that science cannot explain and there are some connections that are beyond space and time.



Wallowing in the World of Wisdom

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Do you believe in the power of dreams? Or how they can blow your mind and change lives with their soulful signs?
Have you ever noticed the deep shades of blooming flowers as they relate to the vibrant colors of your aura?
Does the melody and rhythm of the birds inspire you to create poetry?
Do the sparkling dewdrops enlighten your senses as they glow up the green grass?
Does the fresh fragrance of petrichor refresh your spirit?
Has the glorifying beauty of beaches, mountains, rains, and every aspect of nature captivated your eyes like magic?
Ever wondered how fireflies light up the woods as they shine out every second despite their short life span?
Or ever thought from where the rainbow gets its colors hidden in the sky and the deep blue waters?
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In today’s world, being busy is the new trend. Right from a hardworking little school boy, to a lazy college sophomore, to a money-driven businessman or a retired old grandfather. Everyone keeps themselves occupied with something or the other that keeps them going, everyday for the rest of their lives. As the day passes, we drag the string of hours further and further and push ourselves along with it, till we finally come back to square one to end the same day the same way, everyday. 2

But as much as we love being workaholic, we all have a little soft corner inside us that would cherish a few minutes of lying blankly on the bed, especially in the early winter mornings. As much as we push ourselves to pull up our socks and go to work, who would not love to steal a few minutes of sleep, even if it is just for barely five minutes?

Waking up should be an enthusiastic leap towards welcoming a new day, as we look up to experience the novelty that lies ahead in each new day. But as we get absorbed in the same routine and lifestyle, cherishing the mornings has now become more like a mundane duty and less of something we actually look forward to. All we end up doing is snoozing the little hopeless alarm ten times, when in fact, the amount of time that we waste to set those ten alarms, could be actually used in taking some more sleep!                                          Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.40.57 PM                                                  What if we tell all those not-so-morning-persons, that they could use a device that not only helps them wake up without starting their day with cribbing and ranting, but also invigorate their spirits with liveliness and excitement every morning?

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We spend one third of our lives lying down on the mattress we own. Being life so precious, and being it the only one, one can have; every moment must be special and full of life. Generally, every person before going to bed recalls her/his day on the bed. Therefore, that recalling moment on the bed must also be special.

Can you think of ways of how to make that moment also a special one?

Now think about making the moment special by lying down on a very comfortable, cozy and a rejuvenating bed! A mattress that rejoices your spirit after you lye down on it!

Won’t the recalling of thoughts and memories of the day smile at you, making that very time also worth cherishing.

This thought process and the need of good relaxation at the end of a tiring day has driven us, the makers of SleepTech mattresses to design, plan and manufacture the various models of our mattresses to suit the individual comfort need.

Apart from the memories, a peaceful sleep is the basic need. For Sleep tech, delivering the peace, delivering the comfort, and delivering the luxury, is a dedicated deal.

Sleep tech mattresses provide a wide range of super comfortable mattresses at best prices. The ergo comfort grip will hold your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated and rejoiced from the spirit.

Leaving all this at one end, the range of mattresses available for each customer is unique and every mattress can be customised according to royal consumer preferences. Therefore,


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